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Alecto - LED Orientation Light With Sensor

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Having a night light lit for hours while everyone is sleeping is no longer of this time. We all live more energy consciously. But if you have to go somewhere in the dark, you want to see where you are walking. Especially in a new situation, such as on the campsite or in a hotel. But also on your own landing, so that you can see the stairs well and do not go wrong.

The light has a motion sensor with a range of three to five meters. If you come within that distance of the light, the sensor will pick up your movement and the orientation light will turn on.The lighting source is LED; energy-saving and with a very long life (especially compared to the traditional light bulb).The light is bright white, so that you have an excellent view of your immediate surroundings. The light intensity is 40 lumens.Is the light on and does the sensor detect no movement for 30 seconds? Then the light goes out again automatically.

The light operates on three AA batteries. Are the batteries almost ready for replacement? Then you get a message that they are almost empty. You get the orientation light supplied including mounting material (screws and Velcro), so you can easily attach it to the wall.

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