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Hello there, nice to meet you!

We are Kathy (31) and Stéphanie (32). We are best friends and proud mums of June (2013) and Jax (2016) (children of Stéphanie and her husband Jonathan), Julian (2012) and Romy (2014) (children of Kathy and her husband Gregory).

When we were pregnant, we both got obsessed with preparing their little rooms and wardrobes for when they were coming (like many mums to be, we guess :-)). It was then we realized how difficult it was to find stylish baby essentials the way we like them: modern, timeless & durable but still babyproof enough.

Hours and hours of research finally resulted in the launch of June and Julian in september 2014, an online shop where we gathered some unique brands from all over the world. Despite their different origins, they all have one thing in common: a great sense of style!

Ever since, we are constantly looking for the newest trends in kidstown, discovering the most incredible designers and companies throughout the world.

As fulltime working mums, it was a conscious decision to offer our products exclusively online. We barely find time to shop and if we do, chances are we must return home after one store because little miss/mister decided he/she needs to eat, sleep, poop, or just cry until we are forced to leave (with red cheeks and never to come back). And just admit it, nothing more relaxing than shopping from your couch with a hot cup of tea while the little one is sleeping "like a baby" :-). On top of that, no more carrying around with bags. You receive your catches (nicely wrapped as presents) right on your doorstep only a few days later...bye-bye stress, hello me-time!

We both grew up in warm and loving families but we can't ignore the fact that not everyone on this planet has the same luck as we do. That's why we decided to do something in return. In the first place, we are carefully selecting our brands, making sure that nobody is being exploited by making them. Next to that, a part of our return goes to different charity organisations all over the world. For more information on our current projects, do check out our "Yes, we care!" page!

Thanks for stopping by and we wish you a lovely shopping experience.

Lots of love,

Kathy & Stéphanie
PS: We would love to hear from you! Do you have any suggestions, remarks or just want to say hello, send us an e-mail (

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