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Alecto - Sleep Trainer Night Light

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This sleeping trainer teaches your child day and night. Sometimes children find it difficult to properly assess the rhythm of day and night. They wake up and think it's time to get up, while they would actually have to lie in bed for a few more hours. This problem often gets worse when the days get longer and shorter or when the summer and winter time start.

The sleeping trainer is wireless and rechargeable. We supply a micro-USB cable with which you can charge it. The brightness of the screen can be set in 7 positions. You also use it as a night light if you want to. Finally, this is also an alarm clock with alarm.


- Sleep trainer, helps children develop their sense of time
- Can also be used as a clock with an alarm clock
- Moon in image / blue screen: it's time to sleep
- Sun on screen / orange screen: it is time to get up
- Wireless and rechargeable


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