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Alecto - Babyphone Ecodect

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The Alecto DBX-12 ECO is a 100% interference-free digital baby monitor with a sound sensor. As soon as a sound is detected, the system switches on and a message is displayed on the parent unit. In addition, depending on the strength of the sound, several lights will light up so that you also get a visual warning. The ECO mode makes this device very energy efficient.

The baby monitor has an outdoor range of up to 300 m, while it is up to 50 m indoors. With this baby monitor, visiting neighbors is no longer a problem when your baby is sleeping. So you can even visit your neighbors' neighbors and still keep an 'earpiece'.

Handy is the message that the parent unit gives when you are out of range or when the battery is almost empty.
This baby monitor has sleep melodies and a built-in night light. The temperature is displayed via the LCD display. The two-way system makes it possible to talk back to your child.

Battery life rechargeable battery: 12 hours
Indoor range: 50 m
Outdoor range: 300 m

Alecto DBX-12 ECO Baby Monitor
Colour: Grey
100% interference-free
Range up to 300 meters
Illuminated LCD display
Visual indication of sound through LED lights
Receiving volume (6 steps) adjustable
Sensitivity (5 steps) adjustable
Temperature display and control with alarm of space
Out of range and low battery indication
2-way communication, so also to speak back to baby
To control lullabies (3) and night lights remotely
Usage up to 15 hours
Belt clip
Multilingual menu guidance


Rechargeable batteries for parent unit
2x power adapter
Charging station
Belt clip

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